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Discuţii libere

Impact of Natura 2000 sites designation on forest management

Peter Veen

The history of Forest Research and Management Institute and its development prospects (in Romanian)

         Marian Ianculescu


Pădurea într-un mediu natural şi socio-economic în schimbare


Researches regarding the parametric objective approach of the climatic year structure in hilly and mountainous regions, in the frame of climate changes

         Viorela Huber

Effects of accidental fluorine pollution on Prahova Valley's forest stands

         Marian Ianculescu, Ionel Popa, Ştefan Neagu, Cristina M. Măcărescu

Hungarian oak and Turkey oak fructification in the Western part of the Getic Plateau

         Iulian Bercea

Research on structural variety of stands for three European beech forests with different ages, located in middle and superior Valley of Argeş River

         Gheorghe Guiman, Virgil Scărlătescu, Constantin Truică

Ecological reconstruction by regeneration of pine stands located on degraded lands in the South-Eastern Romania (in Romanian)

Cristinel Constandache, Sanda Nistor

Research on ecological reconstruction of the declining forests in embanked areas located in the Danube flood plain and Delta (in Romanian)

Manole Greavu

Aerodynamic study of forest shelter belts (wind breaks)

Titus-Traian Orădean

Local networks of forest shelterbelts - solution to achieve a national plan

Maria Magdalena Vasilescu, Cornel Cristian Tereşneu


Resursele forestiere - evaluare, management, utilizare


Evolution of the European concept of forest management and the incidence on the Romanian silvicuture (in Romanian)

Petre Bradosche

Wood biomass resources of Romania - an alternative source of energy (in Romanian)

Gavril Budău, Mihai Ispas, Mihaela Cāmpean

Current structure and growth in diameter of hornbeam stands in northeast Bulgaria

Hristo Tsakov, Alexander Delkov

Considerations on some current problems of management in Romania's silviculture (in Romanian)

Ion Machedon

Certification schemes - a first step towards sustainable management of forestry in Romania

Corina-Ionela Dumitrescu, Beatrice Leuştean

Beech timber preservation during storage

Octavia Zeleniuc

Assessment of anthropogenic and climatic changes impacts on forest systems by satellite and biogeophysical data

Maria Zoran, Mihaela Caian

Aspects regarding the use of digital orthophotomaps in forest cadastre

Iosif Vorovencii

Integrated forest planning and management system: pathway to the future in Romania?

Eugen Iordache, Marius Petrila

Inventory of primary and secondary forest ways using GPS/GIS in Romanian mountainous forests

Eugen Iordache

Operational model for assessment of environmental impact in forest road construction" (in Romanian)

         Valeria Alexandru, Rostislav Bereziuc, Valentina Ciobanu

Possibilities of estimating discharge in small watersheds by means of TR-55 model

Cornel Cristian Tereşneu, Ştefan Tamaş, I. Clinciu, Maria Magdalena Vasilescu

Contributions to the kinematics study of the blade borers for seedling planting holes

         Ilie Popescu, Rudolf Derczeni, Eugen Iordache, Horia Şotoc

Gully erosion in Suceava Plateau - a case study

Ovidiu Iacobescu, Ionuţ Barnoaiea

Biodiversitatea pădurii - evaluare, monitoring, conservare, îmbogăţireimprovement


The importance of some endemic plant taxa in maintaining the identity of Dacian Beech forest (Symphyto-Fagion)

Anca Păunescu

Formation, development and early abscission of the Italian oak (Quercus frainetto) acorns during vegetation season (in Romanian)

Marius Sorin Nică, Marcel Octavian Bădele, Constantin Neţoiu, Ionel Cioc, Cornel Şoancă

Physiological aspects of Quercus species under chemical and integrated pest control in North-Eastern Romania's forests

Ligia Acatrinei

Management principles of fish populations in mountain waters (in Romanian)

Ioan Cristea  



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