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Conditii de editare

Silvica Publishing House publishes in its series of publications the important reference works on topics of real interest for the domain of silviculture and environment sciences.

It supports the publications of original works that have not been published before or partly reproduced by other publishing houses. The exceptions to this policy consists in papers from series 'Ph.d. thesis' and the reprints of those works for which Silvica Publishing House has the copyright.

The manuscripts sent for publishing must endorse a presentation paper of the work in order to emphasis the topic and the novelty of the work in comparison with similar researches, the reasons why the publication is utterly necessary, the way in which the subject is approached and to whom it may concern. An exception is represented by manuscripts published under Series I - 'Analele ICAS' and 'Bucovina Forestiera' - which will accomplish the proper recommendations for editing.

In view of publishing the manuscripts are reviewed by at least two members of the editorial board of the publishing house. Only works considered acceptable by the referees will be published.

Opinions wrote in published work edited by Silvica Publishing House belong entirely to the authors.


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Ph.d. thesis
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