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Silvica Publishing House promotes the publishing of silvicultural works and researches concerning the forestry and environment sciences under the general framework provided by Forestry Research and Management Institute (ICAS).

Short history of ICAS publishing

The first volume - 'Analele ICEF' - was published in 1934, the year when the publishing house was inaugurated in direct connection with the establishment of research activity in ICEF (ICEF is the former name of ICAS). At that time the most important series/collections were the research works and the periodical publications.

At that time the publishing of all materials was done under the public authority for silviculture that was the Ministry of Waters, Forests and Environment, from 1990 to 1991 whereas the editing activity was done by the Department of Technical and Agricultural Propaganda. The Department of Technical and Agricultural Propaganda interrupted its activity in 1991. Some of the series: I, III and IV ceased to be published while Series II was published sporadically, in two volumes, from 1992 to 2001.

The institutional and legislative background concerning the activity of editing was modified in 1990. As a direct consequence of this modification ICAS initiated in 1992 the necessary step for the creation of the publishing the new house: Silvica Publishing House under the general framework of ICAS in accordance with the order no. 1477/22.11.1992 issued by the Ministry of Culture.

During this period only two reviews were published both of them under the guidance of two research stations: 'Bucovina Forestiera' has been constantly from 1999 at ICAS Campulung Moldovenesc, and 'Revista de Silvicultura' has been published from 1998 with a certain discontinuity by means of ICAS Brasov.

The editing activity of Silvica Publishing House has been revitalized beginning with the year 2002. Together with its reorganisation from 2007, the name was changed in Editura Silvică.


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