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Serie I - Journals
Serie II - Scientific books

Serie III - Ph.d. thesis

Serie IV - Disseminations

Serie I - Journals

Include the journals editate by ICAS - ANALELE ICAS and BUCOVINA FORESTIERĂ.

Serie II - Scientfic books

Series II – research works is the second series of publications edited by ICAS. This series debuted in 1935, after two years from ICEF’s establishing titled Series II – Research works, papers (Georgescu, C.C. în colaborare cu Badea, M., 1935, Dare de seamă asupra maladiilor criptogamice, de importanţă economică, apărute în pădurile ţării în anul 1933, ICEF, seria II, nr.1, Monitorul Oficial şi Imprimeriile Statului – Imprimeria Centrală, Bucureşti).

Series II – Research works has devoted as a collection in which the most valuable results of Romanian scientific researches have been published “in extenso”. In this series are published research reports, studies and monographs on relevant items in forestry sciences. Throughout the 70 years of its existence, Series II – research works has published 115 papers. In 1935-1989 it has been published 76 papers, and in 1990-2006 it has been published 39 papers.

Now Series II is the only collection of scientific publications dedicated to forestry sciences in Romania. Many published works in this series have been awarded with the most important prizes and distinctions in Romania (State Award, “Marin Dracea” Award of the Romanian Academy, “Ion Popescu-Zeletin” Prize of the Academy of Forest and Agriculture Sciences, etc.) and abroad.

Serie III - Ph.d. thesis

Include Ph.d. thesis from the field of forestry and environmental sciences. Apart from Serie II papers, this could include already published parts, due to the research during the elaboration of the thesis.

Serie IV - Dissemination

Include papers with character of general presentation and the papers of which aim is to present informations for a large area of peoples, being a continuation of the old serie III - 'Popularization papers'.

Serie V - Technical guidlines

This serie debuted in 1933, the year of ICEF’s establishing  (ICEF is  the initial name of ICAS). Initially the series was named “Standards. Instructions for silviculture”.  The institute submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Domains for approval provisional standards and norms which forest units of the Ministry of Agriculture and Domains should be obligated to enforce them in management of forests. After their approval these norms were published in this series - Georgescu, C.C., 1933. The Microsphaera alphitoides Griff of the oak – provisional instructions for its control.



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Ph.d. thesis
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