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Use of the site (named in the following 'site'), including visits and buy of the Silvica Publishing House (named in the following 'publishing house') require the full acceptance of the bellow terms and conditions. Silvica Publishing House reservers for self the right to modify these terms and conditions, and the site contents, without notification.

The site contents (text, pictures, graphics, scripts and any others) are the property of the Silvica Publishing House and of the Forest Research and Management Institute ICAS, its owner, under the direct protection of the international laws regarding the copyright.

Personal data
The personal data submited to the site by clients for buying are strictly confidential. The personal data from on-line command form are necessary for the the best command processing (including the communication wih the client and the delivery); the data could not be the obiect of a sale to a third party. The publishing house will not use the clients data in other aims than that provided in site.

Information security
The publishing house are not assuming the responsability for the possible loose of information due to the errors related to the site software. Also, The publishing house is not responsible for the possible security problems of the hosting server.

The publishing house not guaranty that the description of the products, or any other site contents is errors missing or complet.

Also, the publishing house not guarantee the availability of the all books. Thus, the publishing house reserve for itself the right to not sale a command in the case that a book is stok. The maximal value of the publishing house obligation for any client, in the case of not sale or inappropriate sale of the books is represented by the value of the money receiving by publishing house from the client.


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